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The Study Group


A reminder for new study group members and seasoned study group members.


The intended purpose of the study group is for us all to learn more about bonsai and take home skills that we can apply to our own trees.  I am here to help guide you (not do it for you) in the process of learning bonsai and exploring the possibilities.  You have a voice in the process too!  I will let you know my thoughts but I’d like to hear your thoughts and plans as well.  The only expectations I have of the participants is an open mind and an eagerness to learn.  Give me that and I will teach you everything I know!


All in all, at the end of the day, we should all be having FUN doing Bonsai.


November is a great month in Bonsai because we can work on just about every Bonsai in our collection.  Of course, that means healthy bushy trees that have grown well since the last time you worked on them.


Conifers and Broad Leaf Evergreens can be cut and wired if needed.  Be sure to bring both copper and aluminum wire.  If you plan on doing heavy bending on conifers, be sure to bring rubber tubing, raffia and different lengths of rebar (12,18,24,32, 36 inch lengths tend to be common sizes of rebar used).


Deciduous can be cut and defoliated.  We can wire them this time of year but be sure to watch to wire bitting into the branch when the new growth starts to push in the Spring.


Concepts Covered This Month:

Depending on the group, we may focus on some or all of the following topics.


  • Heavy/light bending and styling techniques on conifers

  • Black/Red Pine needle pulling, cutting and styling concepts

  • Deciduous cutting, styling, observations and care cycle

  • Insect and Fungus care for Winter

  • Observations and rate of Bonsai growth

  • Repotting plan for next year

  • Care Adjustments for Fall and Winter


Key Concepts to adjust to grow our Bonsai at different rates:


  1. Sun

  2. Water

  3. Soil and Container Size

  4. Repotting Interval

  5. Fertilizer

  6. Cutting




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