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A Chinese Pot

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

This is going to be a quick post just about this one particular pot that I like and I thought you readers would too.  There is a tree in the yard that is currently in a pot like this one and I always liked it a lot.  I asked Mr. Tanaka about it and he said they were somewhat inexpensive and easy to find.  I told him how much I like it and he said he felt the same.  He said that the green color with the one red strip was nice and usable.  This pot was made in China about 30-40 years ago but pots like these were made over 100 years ago in China.  Mr. Tanaka said that the newer ones lack a bit of quality compared to the 100 year old ones but are still beautiful and useful.  Since I’ve been here, I’ve yet to see one just like this one at a auction or gardens.  I’ve seen many that are a single color but never with one red strip down the center.  Last week when I was cleaning, I put some glazed pots away and to my surprise, found this pot buried under a bunch of other pots.  I pulled it out and showed it to Mr. Tanaka and he says, “oh yeah…  I bought them as a pair.”  I suppose it was my fault because I never asked Mr. Tanaka if he had another one to sell.  Ha!

Anyways, I’m going to keep this one short and get on with the pictures.  Enjoy everybody!

I hope you all enjoyed this post.  Please let me know your thoughts on the pot itself and this Silverberry that’s in it.

Now I’m going to see if I can talk Mr. Tanaka into selling me the extra pot I found.  Wish me luck!

Thanks for looking at this pot with me!

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