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Field Trip to Obuse, Part 1

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Ever since I started my apprenticeship here at Aichien, I’ve always talked to Mr. Tanaka about my friend Tyler Sherrod apprenticing with Mr. Shinji Suzuki in Obuse.  Mr. Suzuki is one of the leading professionals in Japan and have won numerous awards including Taikan-ten, Sakafu and Kokufu-ten.  Mr. Shinji Suzuki is also the person that trained now professional in the U.S., Michael Hagedorn.

A month ago, I was talking to Mr. Tanaka about Tyler and I told him that Tyler was apprenticing with Mr. Shinji Suzuki.  I then asked if Mr. Tanaka has ever been to his garden before?  Mr. Tanaka said no, but would like to see it in the future.  Turns out that Mr. Tanaka was serious about seeing the garden, because this last Sunday, he decided to take his bonsai club members to Mr. Shinji Suzuki’s garden and I was able to come along too.  In part 1 of this trip, I’ll will be sharing the details and photos of our visit to Mr. Shinji Suzuki’s garden.

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