Private Collector Celebrates!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Private Collector Celebrates!


Last week we went over to Daijuen and helped them setup a special show for one of their customers. I’ve personally never met this customer so I don’t know his name or his face but what I do know is that he decided to put on a special bonsai show this year to celebrate his 88th birthday! (How cool is that?) The three-day show was small with only about 14 trees but what really got my attention was how the show was setup.  The collector is also a painter and he wanted to display his paintings during the show as well so we spent a good amount of time hanging paintings on the wall.  In this post, I’m going to share with you all the trees that were shown and many of the other things to see.

The Setup

The setup of the show was very basic just like any other small local show.  The room the show was held in was on the third floor which made it fun for us apprentices to carry many things up there.  Though I was happy that there was a (very) small elevator we could use to move the trees up and down.  All in all, the setup only took a couple of hours.






The Trees of the Show

The collector loves Black Pine and most his trees on display were Black Pines.  Daijuen and Aichien provided a couple of flowering trees to add color to the show.  From the looks of many of the Black Pines, the collector may have grown them himself.  I took these photos during the set up so there might be some setup items in the shot.