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Pushing the Limit 2 with the Scenic Route

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

I thought you’d all enjoy an update about this Black pine that was heavily bent last Winter.  If you missed that post, you can see visit it here, Pushing the Limit.  Though the update of this tree alone is not very scenic as suggested in the title, I decided to tie it together with a trip we took about a month ago to Mie Prefecture which is about 4 hours Southwest of Nagoya.  We headed down south to visit a Bonsai nursery but like a dummy, I completely forgot to take pictures of the place.  I did however take pictures of the surrounding landscape though which I will be sharing with you.  But first off, let’s talk Bonsai!

Mie Prefecture

Nagoya is in Aichi Prefecture and we drove all the way to the Southern part of Mie Prefecture right next to Wakayama Prefecture.

Well, that’s where the pictures end, since I fell asleep for the rest of the drive home…  It was a relaxing day that I think we all needed.  It’s been great that Mr. Tanaka will take me on these side trips here and there.  It really does break up the mundane of work at the nursery.  Though I get a great deal of satisfaction from working on Bonsai, it’s nice to take a break from it once in a while (though we did stop at a nursery).

I hope you enjoyed this relaxing post and that you too get a chance to take some time off from your busy days.  It could be a two-week vacation to another continent or a simple drive to the next town.  Relax and enjoy those days because we never get them back.  With the days moving so fast and becoming a blur, it’s important for us all to breathe, slow down and enjoy the view.  Life is already short, why speed through it?

Thanks for reading.

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