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82nd Meifu-ten Bonsai Show

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

January 14-16 was the 82nd Annual Meifu-ten Bonsai show in Nagoya Japan.  Meifu-ten is the second oldest show in Japan behind Kokufu-ten and this year exhibited over 170 trees.  All the trees belong to hobbyist and collectors.  The average attendance of for the three day show is about 7 thousand (Not too shabby!).  There is also a large sales area which I was working at for most of the three days.  I walked through the show and took some pictures to share with all of you readers!  I have 65  pictures of trees and things going on during the show, so instead of posting all of them one by one, I decided to put them all in a gallery format.  Hopefully that will suite you all just fine and save me a whole bunch of time! (Thanks!)  If you ever find yourself in Nagoya during January, this is a show that I suggest you don’t miss!  Plus, you can come by Aichi-en and visit me as well (I get lonely…).  Hehehe.  Enjoy the show everybody!

Now that Meifu-ten is over, our next big event is the 86nd Kokufu-ten.  That show is the number one show in Japan and will be held in Tokyo on Feb 4-10.  I hope some of you will be able to make it this year, but if not, I’ll be sure to get you some pictures and details of the show.

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