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Concrete Pot Mystery???

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Concrete Pot Mystery???

Mr. Tanaka and I were organizing one of the storage rooms today and we came across this strange pot.  When Mr. Tanaka first opened the lid and I saw what was inside, I just had to get it out of storage and get a closer look.  Once I pulled this pot out of the box, I knew I wanted it!  The rest of the story and mystery only added to my desire to own it.  This pot was strange and odd enough that I decided to write a post about it and share it with you all.

I’ve never heard or seen a concrete pot before but I have heard of and seen cement pots that were created by Japanese Americans during their interment in the US during World War II.  I was pleasantly surprised as to the quality and finish of the cement pots.  When I pictured a cement pot, I just assume they would look rough but that was not the case at all. There aren’t many of them around anymore, but I do hope to add one to my collection in the future.

This strange pot wasn’t made of cement but concrete (mix of various aggregate with cement and water), which was completely new to me.  Based on the picture, the pot looks new.  If someone handed it to me one day, I would have thought it was just made.  It turns out that this pot is actually quite old. Here are some more detailed pictures of the pot.

On the lid of the pot was this Kanji.  Mr. Tanaka translated it to, “Man made rock flower pot.”  Was this pot suppose to be a planting pot for flowers?  If so, what is the copper for?  Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) perhaps?  Maybe just to hold water?  The Japanese do like to have water pots around their homes.

I don’t know if it’s the strangeness of this pot or the mystery that intriques me the most.  ;o)

Now what?

What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

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