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One Pot To Rule Them All

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

One Pot To Rule Them All

Many of you might know that I have a strange fascination with pots that have exceptionally large lips.  I think I may have found the  Mother Of All Pots (with a large lip that is)!  This pot by far has the largest lip that I have ever seen.  It’s taken me about a year before I got my hands on one and it was worth the wait.  In this short post I’m going to share some pictures and a description of this pot.

The 10,000 Dollar Question?

Now what would you put in this pot?  What kind of tree and what kind of tree style would work in this pot?

I know the first thing that normally comes to people’s mind is what you, “can not,” put in this pot.  Try not to think about that and really explore the possibilities of, “can,” and you may be surprised to what might work.  To quote Mr. Tanaka, “There are no real rules as to what kind of pot looks good with what kind of tree.  The only real rule is balance and the overall aesthetics of the pairing.”  Since all of our perceptions of what, “looks good,” is different from person to person we can really go wild with all the pots out there.  Having said that, this higher concept of pot matching is coming from a professional with a great deal of experience.  For those that aren’t as experience, ask other Bonsai people for their opinions and keep your mind open to them all.  Try to understand what they are saying and at the end, do what feels right to you.  New trends in pot to tree matching are occurring all the time.  That’s what makes it fun and fresh.

Study, study, study and keep learning.  That helps too. ;o)

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