“Good Taste,” Trident Maple

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

“Good Taste,” Trident Maple

This Trident Maple came to the yard about 3 months ago and is one of the trees I water on a regular basis.  It belongs to another professional and is being kept at the nursery for the time being.  As I walk by the tree, I always admired the strange stone that the tree is growing around.  One day I asked Mr. Tanaka about the stone and if it’s the reason why there is some value in this tree and he quickly pointed out that this was a great tree and that the stone had little to do with it.  I was a bit surprised when he said that and it got me to examine the tree more closely.  As I sat in the workshop looking at the tree, I started to realize why this tree is quite nice.  Mr. Tanaka pointed out a few things and then went on to say, “Only crazy Bonsai people can understand this tree, this tree has Great Taste!”  Wow, I really needed to examine what this tree is all about.  I went ahead and took some photos of different areas of the tree so you too can see what makes this tree special.  We are in for a treat because a tree like this is not easily duplicated or found.

360 View

Working Our Way Up

The main reason why this tree is prized is the age.  Looking at the characteristics of the tree roots, trunk and branches tells us that this small tree is actually 40-50 years old!  The stone then adds that extra bit of charm that makes this entire tree interesting and desirable.  Lets take a closer look at the little things that tell us this tree is old.

Trident maples have a smooth light brown colored bark when they are young.  The color of the trunk will start to turn grey at about 15-20 years.  15+  years, the bark will start to exfoliate from the trunk exposing light orange colors.  The trunk will also start to round out and have a plump and muscular look.  Note how the root are grey and have a round and muscular look to them.