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The Study Group


A reminder for new study group members and seasoned study group members.


The intended purpose of the study group is for us all to learn more about bonsai and take home skills that we can apply to our own trees.  I am here to help guide you (not do it for you) in the process of learning bonsai and exploring the possibilities.  You have a voice in the process too!  I will let you know my thoughts but I’d like to hear your thoughts and plans as well.  The only expectations I have of the participants is an open mind and an eagerness to learn.  Give me that and I will teach you everything I know!


All in all, at the end of the day, we should all be having FUN doing Bonsai.


This is generally slow month for Bonsai but can still be busy depending on the Bonsai you’re developing or how much you got done in January/February.  Here are some things we can cover this month:


Pinching: Understanding general pinching techniques, when to apply the technique and on what Bonsai to apply it to (Please see the April Writeup for more information about this technique).


Grafting: Side grafts on conifers e.g. Junipers/Black Pines.


Repotting: Getting late in the season but still possible.  If repotting, keep the root work on the lighter side.


Ground/Air-layer: Again, a little on the late side but can still be done with success.


Styling of Conifers: Many conifers can be styled at this time because they usually haven't started to grow yet.  Though they may have not started growing, be sure to get the styling done as soon as possible so you don't run into working on the tree while it's trying to make it's Spring push.


This month is also the time to start fertilizing certain Bonsai in our collections.  Please refer to the Fertilizing made easy page under the Monthly Writeup tab.

......more info to come in the future

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